Extra services at the Sports Day

HIV rapid test

The Anonymous AIDS Association will provide HIV rapid test between noon and 4 p.m. at the Sports Day. You don't have to be afraid, the sample will be taken from saliva and not from blood. The test is fully anonymous, none else will know the result, only yourself.

Alternative changing room

We will provide a separate changing room for those visitors who - for any reason - do not want to use neither the male, nor the female changing rooms. Your bags can only be stored in closed lockers in the male or female changing rooms, thus we will be glad to help you finding the proper place for your stuff. In case you wish to use the alternative changing room, please feel free to contact one of our volunteers on the spot!

Supporting families

We are not only awaiting adults to our sports day, but visitors below 18 years can only attend upon the written permission of their parents, while children below 14 years are only allowed to enter together with their parent, guardian or other adult relative.