About Us

Our association is the only active Hungarian LGBTQ sports club, which had been established in April 2004 with the goal to create a friendly community for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer people and for all tolerant supporters of our community. Our members are accepted independently from their orientation and identity, and nobody has to be afraid of discrimination which is unfortunately often experienced in the Hungarian sport community. In addition we avoid all other kinds of discrimination: we are not interested in your religion, origin, skin color or sexual orinetation, as the diversity is what makes sports even more colorful.

Besides our regular trainings in nine different sports, we consider the organization of other teambuilding events quite important as well: we often play snooker, visit caves, ice-skate, go out for a beer or dinner or hike together. Twice a year – in spring and fall – we organize sport weekends when we visit different cities in the countryside for a long weekend dedicated to playing sports. Recently we have been active internationally as well: one of our training camps is open for foreign people or we travel abroad during such events. Every September we hold an internaional LGBTQ tournament called „Budapest All Nations’ Games” – this year we will have five sports (badminton, squash, running, table tennis, girls football) available for people from all over the world.

Every year we celebrate our birthday by holding a sports day. We are very proud that the number of visitors has been increasing through the years, which shows that there is a need for such events in Hungary.

In Atlasz we welcome all LGBTQ peopole and those supporting this community. Check out our sports club, try our trainings and join us either as a professional or hobby player!

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