Come, train with me!

"After 11 years of competitive sports and as someone who regularly trains, I profess that people who do recreational sports, are not only contributing to their better physical and health conditions but will also see better results in school and work, will enjoy a supportive life community and will be also better balanced in their soul and spirit. Not many thing are out there as much progressive for our quality of life as sports. So this is the reason for you to visit the Atlasz Sports Day where you can now chalange yourself in 15 different sports and spend quality time contributing to your health."

Let's meet April 13th,

Olivér Pusztai

"Sport is fun, is part of a healthy & active lifestyle and makes you feel good, give energy and unites people and communities at local, national and international level. I need my work out or run to be able to perform at work too."

Let's meet April 13th,

Geert Kits Nieuwenkamp
Agricultural Attaché, Netherlands embassy in Budapest

Welcome on the webpage of the 15th Atlasz Sports Day

As you experieneced in previous years, our sports club organises an all-day-long sportsday to celebrate its birthday. Every year you can try as many sports as old the club is. This year you can try 15 different sports. Choose sports according to your needs. There will be sports going on for several hours,and you can also test the services of KK Moves or use the gym of BME Sports Centre or relax in their saunas. If you feel like resting a bit more, check out our "Colorful Sports" exhibition, visit one of our masseurs or shoot some photos with your friends at the Atlasz Sport Wall. Early afternoon you can also get tested for HIV. If you collect the stamps (one/sport), you can also take some gifts home.

We look forward to meeting you at the 15th Atlasz Sports Day.