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Floorball Championship

Floorball championship for a more colourful future

For the first time in the history of the Sports Days we will organise a floorball championship. Firms, companies and organisations can register. The aim of the championship is not less than to prove in a playful environement that everyone is equal in a game and you make sport even more colourful.

The rule of the friendly games can be learnt very quickly, no previous experience is necessary – the aim is that everyone enjoys the game.

12 groups can register. The teams of 6 persons will be paired by chance. After the preliminary rounds the teams will play again to decide who is going to take the first three places.
Participants will receive a certificate, teams of the first three places a cup and the winners will be invited for a lovely dinner.

Game time of a match- different to the usual – will be 1x15 min. A game ending in a tie will be decided by penalty scores without adding any extra playing time.

Already registered teams:
  • Labrisz Lesbian Association
  • IBM

You can register your team until 15th January 2017 by filling in the following fields.