Vote for the Atlasz Sport Cocktail!

The most popular gay-friendly Hungarian cocktail bar – being the gold level supporter of our sports day –, Tuk Tuk Bar has created five unforgettable unique cocktails for us. Together with your help our goal is to choose one cocktail which will represent the Hungarian gay and lesbian sports community, making the national LGBTQ sports community even more colorful.

Check out the cocktails, read their story and vote!

It is worth voting as three lucky participants can win an Atlasz sports vouchers valid for 4 trainings each. The vouchers can be used for 4 Atlasz trainings until 30th April 2017.

During the sports day you can also get a coupon by collecting stamps. This coupon can be used in Tuk Tuk Bar to have a winning cocktail for free.

You can place your votes until 31st January 2017. One person can place one vote. The winners and the winning cocktail will be announced on 2nd February 2017.

Oriental Sunset

Ingredients: Sloe gin, honey, grenadine, fresh lemon juice, soda water, thyme.
If you enjoyed the dawn with Tequila Sunrise, for sunset we recommend you sloe gin sweetened with honey and grenadine, spiced with thyme, finally mixed with soda water. Because good things happen during the night!

Booty call

Ingredients: Jameson, Baileys, Tequila, rose water, cream, grenadine.
If you are in need of a cute partner, just order this cocktail and enjoy the sweet sensation with a hint of rose. Whisky and Tequila will give the buzz, Baileys and cream will make it smooth, rose water offers the elegance, while grenadine makes it capricious. Get ready for the adventure!

Bella limone

Ingredients: vodka, Galliano, bitter lemon.
For those who like the taste of citrus, we put it into a glass with our favourite vodka, mixed with a special Italian liqueur called Galliano. If the famour surfer Harvey had known our recipe, most probably we would have received the name „Wallbanger”, too.

Rum cup

Ingredients: rum, Tuk Tuk vanilla syrup, butter
The best recipes of our favorite bartender have been inspired by his grandmother’s dishes. He loved the sweet pastry made with butter and rum, especially when the smell of fresh pastry filled the kitchen. This is how our warm cocktail made with mature Zaya rum, home-made vanilla syrup and bit of butter was created!

Mumbai star

Ingredients: gin, coriander, sugar syrup, lime, bitter lemon.
Sometimes everybody wants to be famous. This cocktail could be nothing else but a star! When the producers designed this celebrity, they made it unforgettable with citrus and coriander, giving it a unique look and the personality of Star of Bombay premium gin. We recommend it to those who like gin and even to those who don’t.